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Anasayfa / Global / Which Stranger Things Character Are You? ⏬👇

Which Stranger Things Character Are You? ⏬👇


If you’re like me, you’ve had a lot of sleepless nights wondering what exactly makes you a human being.

And now, thanks to the new Netflix series Stranger Things, we have an answer: You’re Dustin Henderson.

Dustin is the kind of kid who would get lost in the woods for days and not panic about it because he’s just THAT chill. He’s also loyal as hell (he once tried to help a girl find her missing cat) and optimistic in his own way (he’s always ready to believe that everything will work out).

Plus, he’s got that great mullet haircut—which means he probably has a ton of friends! If you want evidence, check out this clip from season 1:

You’re Hopper! You’re a charismatic, tough guy who cares deeply about his friends and family. You’re also an excellent leader who will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

You have a lot of love to give, but you’re not always the best at showing it—and sometimes, even when you do express your feelings, people don’t always understand how much you care. But don’t worry: once they get to know you better, they’ll see that no one else could ever care as much as you do.

You’re Brenna! You’re a little bit of a loner, but that’s okay. You know how to make friends quickly, and you don’t really have any enemies—people just don’t understand you sometimes. You’re passionate about what you believe in, and you’re always ready to help out your friends in any way possible.

One of our readers:

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I’m Eleven. I’m awkward, I have a lot of trouble making friends, and I have a lot of emotional baggage. But when it comes down to it, I can be brave and fight for what’s right.


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