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Anasayfa / Global / cURL Error Code 7 ⏬👇

cURL Error Code 7 ⏬👇


cURL Error Code 7 is one of the most common errors in PHP. There are several possible reasons for this error. Sometimes, the request gets blocked by the server. Sometimes a firewall can disable the request. This short article will cover cURL Error Code 7 and another similar error in PHP.

cURL Error Code 7

There are many URL errors in PHP. cURL Error Code 7 is one of them. Sometimes, people working with PHP scripts can encounter this error. This error happens when a firewall or similar technology blocks a curl request. This issue will occur if the curl request does not utilize standard ports. For example, if you use curl to retrieve a URL on port 1234, you would face this issue, although port 80 URLs will return results without a problem. This issue is often seen on CentOS and other operating systems with ‘SElinux.’ Disabling ‘SElinux’ or altering it to permissive settings can solve the problem. Attempting to reach the same URL may also result in this cURL error code 7. If the URL uses many HTTP requests concurrently, curl will be unable to establish a connection and will return an error.

What is the error code for curl?

There are 99 error codes for cURL. Each error code represents a unique problem with the cURL. For example, Error code 1 means that the libcurl does not support the protocol used in the URL you gave to it. The support might be a new compile-time option, a typo protocol string, or a protocol for which libcurl contains no functionality. Error code 7 emerges when the server fails to connect to the host or proxy.

What is libcurl error 14 – curl error 14?

cURL error 14 is similar to cURL error code 7. FTP servers respond to the PASV command with 227 lines. This error code is returned if libcurl cannot parse the specified line. It means the cURL could not decode the 227 strings the server delivered. Almost probably, this server is broken. The FTP server responds with a 227 when providing information on how curl should reconnect to it in passive mode. You might perhaps circumvent this issue by using PORT instead.

What is curl error 7 in PHP?

This error occurs when a firewall or equivalent technology stops a curl request. This problem will arise if the curl request does not use standard ports. There are several potential causes for this issue. The most common ones are:

  • A server blocking the request
  • A firewall (or a similar program) disabling the request

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