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Anasayfa / Global / Employee Advocacy Program ⏬👇

Employee Advocacy Program ⏬👇


An employee advocacy program is a system that enables employees to share company-approved content with their personal social media networks. The goals of an employee advocacy program are to build relationships with customers, create positive brand associations, and drive business results. 

What are the Benefits of an Employee Advocacy Program?

There are many benefits of employee advocacy programs, including:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved employee morale
  • Better brand awareness and reputation
  • More qualified leads
  • Increased social media reach
  • Improved SEO 

What is a Formalized Employee Advocacy Program?

Employee Advocacy Program is a  marketing strategy used by brands to reach their audience through the voices and opinions of employees. There are various ways brands can run their Employee Advocacy Program (EAP), such as through dedicated channels/chats, social media, or a website where employees can share their stories. There are two main types of EAPs: Formalized and Informal. A formalized EAP typically has set guidelines for employees to create content, review, and approval processes. An informal EA program does not necessarily have these characteristics. 

What are Some Things to Keep in Mind when Creating an Employee Advocacy Program?

The following are some key things to keep in mind when creating an employee advocacy program:

  • Define the purpose and goals of the program.
  • Engage senior leaders and managers in the program to ensure their buy-in and support.
  • Clearly communicate the expectations and rules of participation to employees.
  • Measure results to determine the program’s effectiveness. 
  • Incorporate employees’ existing commitments, such as work hours and job responsibilities.
  •  Identify available resources to help implement the program, such as technical support and/or templates for communications and posters.

What are Some Things to Avoid when Creating an Employee Advocacy Program?

When creating an employee advocacy program, you should avoid setting unrealistic expectations, neglecting to measure results, and failing to provide adequate training and resources. 

What are Some Best Practices for Creating an Employee Advocacy Program?

Some tips for creating an effective employee advocacy program include:

  • Define your objectives and desired outcomes.

  •  Choose the right platform and tools.
  • Create engaging and compelling content.
  • Encourage employees to participate.
  • Evaluate and adjust your program regularly. 

How can Employee Advocates Help Build an Organization’s Online Presence?

Employee advocates can help build an organization’s online presence by creating and sharing content that is relevant to the organization’s mission and values. They can also help connect the organization with potential customers and partners, and promote the organization’s brand through their personal social media channels. 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linkedin

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