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Anasayfa / Global / St Johns First Aid Course ⏬👇

St Johns First Aid Course ⏬👇


St Johns First Aid Course is designed to meet the Australian Standard, this course has been developed by St John’s Ambulance Australia and is nationally recognised. It is a nationally recognised course. This course is over 40 hours but we have a condensed version to make it easier for you to complete if you need to or have time restraints.

The St. John’s course is designed to teach you the necessary steps to take in order to help someone who has needed first aid. The course consists of three days, each day covering a different aspect of first aid.

Why is it important?

The Course is an important requirement to help you carry out your duties as a first aider. The course is taught through demonstrations and practicals, including CPR and bandaging practice. The course covers all the relevant units from St Johns Learning Framework in first aid which are required for validating the current certificate if it has been more than two years since your last training.

Your first aid course will ensure you have all the skills required to manage a first aid emergency situation as well as information on how to care for someone until qualified medical help arrives. St Johns First Aid course helps you become confident in applying first aid. The course is for people of all ages, at work or in the family. You’ll learn a range of practical skills including CPR, assisting breathing, bleeding and burns.

St Johns First Aid Course is a one-day course that teaches you how to act in an emergency. It covers what to do if someone is injured, how to stop bleeding and treat for shock, and how to handle an unconscious person. You’ll also learn about the types of injuries and illnesses you are likely to face in everyday life, such as burns and cuts or medical problems such as epilepsy and diabetes. St Johns First Aid Courses are designed for anyone who wants to learn how to deal with an emergency or injury in the workplace, at home or on the road. Our courses have been developed by experts in the field and provide you with a solid understanding of first aid principles and practice.

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