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Anasayfa / Global / Is HotelWiz Legit or Scam? The HotelWiz Review ⏬👇

Is HotelWiz Legit or Scam? The HotelWiz Review ⏬👇


The HotelWiz scam website that they are taking money from hotel reservation but when the customer asks to cancel for the booking they unfortunately do not. Though their policy is “free cancellation” they couldn’t accept. 

Is HotelWiz Legit?   

When you look at the customer reviews you have a question in your mind like Is HotelWiz legit website or scam. Basically, the website has good features about booking hotels and also has mobile app but customer’s comment shows its scam jobs. 

Details About HotelWiz 

  • This company offers with all their information, instruments, and resources to their visitors for free. 
  • HotelWiz has a mobile phone application. 
  • The website has customer service with number and official e-mail. 
  • The customer’s review is what a pity to say 1 star. Because they are not pleased with refund and reaching the customer service. 

What is HotelWiz 

Apparently, HotelWiz scam for customer feedback. HotelWiz is a corporation whose stated goal is to assist people save up to 75% on accommodation costs when they are booking hotels and charging travel arrangements. The expenses of the hotel reservations you make along with this website will differ greatly depending on where you are going. 

How HotelWiz Works?  

HotelWiz, according to their official site, was founded in 2008 and restarted in 2013. Since their reopening, they have stated that they are grateful to assist their clients in making hotel reservations in over 30,000 different locations all over the world.  

Their website contains features that enable customers to look for hotels by map, rating system, logo, or wand, which is a screen grab of the great offers in any preferred premium segment. They also claim to have a number of helper webpages and affiliated companies that can assist their customers in reserving cheap airfares, car rentals, and guest houses, among other things. 

The HotelWiz Review   

The HotelWiz review from customers is wholly bad because of refund, customer service. Normally, the website has lots of positive features for booking hotels, renting cars and other services but feedbacks from customer who use this website are not good. They are giving the website 1 star as 90 percent. Customers says that they have a worst refund policy. When the customer is asking to give their money back, the customer service is refusing to send it back. 


The final verdict for HotelWiz is about their good facilities but bad reputation for customer service. They are booking hotel for the customers by taking the money in advance but if there is something wrong, they couldn’t accept to pay back. 

Is HotelWiz Scam?   

According reviews for HotelWiz, people who are reading comments can ask themselves “Is HotelWiz scam”. To be honest, this is the scam website for their policy. They claim they are good at their distinctive features but that is just a claim. 

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