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Anasayfa / Global / Treasury Auction ÔĆČ­čĹç

Treasury Auction ÔĆČ­čĹç


The Treasury Auction is a much-anticipated event that brings together our global community of investors. In this auction, the government sells bonds to investors who want to buy US government debt. The process can be complex, but it boils down to this: Treasury accepts bids from investors who want to buy bonds at a particular interest rate, and the lowest bidder gets the bonds. The interest paid by the government makes up for these sales and helps pay off debts. The US TreasuryÔÇÖs weekly auction of two-year, three-year and five-year notes is the largest in the world and makes up a significant portion of our debt offerings. The auction process provides a transparent, open and competitive market for the sale of new securities to investors.

Are you looking for a great place to invest your money? The US Treasury Auction page offers a number of treasury bonds that are auctioned weekly. The government is always looking for new ways to raise funds, which is why these auctions occur quite often.

The United States Treasury offers competitively bid auctions twice a month, on the first and third Mondays, that are available worldwide to highly rated and sophisticated institutional investors. Since 1871 the Treasury has been successfully raising funds by issuing marketable securities in various forms, including notes and bills, as well as through purchases of U.S. government agency obligations (such as mortgage-backed securities). The markets for these securities are deep and liquid, which allows the Treasury to manage its interest-rate risk effectively while achieving low borrowing costs for the government.

Want to buy U.S Treasury bills, notes or bonds? The US Treasury auction is a primary market where the Department of the Treasury sells securities directly to large banks and investors. US Treasury auctions are held on a regular schedule and provide a way for the US Government to raise cash and to borrow money by selling Treasury bills, notes and bonds.

US Treasury auctions are a way to buy bonds directly from the US Government, and right now if you buy a bond at a Treasury auction, your interest rate might be lower than what is currently on offer in the market. If you’re not certain how you’re going to spend your money, consider purchasing a Treasury bond.

US Treasury offers 8 billion in Treasury Notes and Bills to the highest bidders at an auction every week.These auctions allow investors to purchase Treasuries on a competitive bidding process. Most treasury auctions have an auction time frame of about 30 days, with a maximum number of bonds allowed per auction.


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